Brother Harry Gipson conceived the idea for this ranch through much prayer and seeking Gods guidance for a facility that would fulfill a lifelong mission: to honor his fathers request to see a special place set aside to provide a holistic environment that would include counseling, ministering, social, physical, nutrition, and academics for wayward youth. This ranch is soon to be the fulfillment of a request by his earthly father and a desire to honor him, alongside an obligation to seek the guidance of his heavenly father. When it is fully realized, it will be the affirmation of A VISION RECEIVED, A VISION REALIZED.
In 2007, this vision was realized in the first building stage (Chapel, OK Corral, Funeral Parlor, Country Store, Jail House, Bank, Conference Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, Bunk House, Lodge, and Cabins,), while the infrastructure continues in expansion to include live animals, training pens, storage sheds for animal food and vehicles.

It is the belief of the HILLTOP MEMORIAL CHILDRENS RANCH that when a child is nurtured in a holistic environment under the supervision of dedicated Christian men and women who are under the authority of the Holy Spirit, that child will be armed with moral and social skills to live productively in society as givers instead of takers.

Our primary ministry area is the state of Mississippi. The business is a non-profit, 501-C-3 status, and a board of trustees per the federal regulations. It is located at at 265 Holly Grove Circle, Braxton, Mississippi 39044, telephone 601-847-9267 or 601-624-2569, web site address www.hilltopmcr.com. Give us a shout. We’d love to see you.